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Calling in the Collaborators

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Hello dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you all safe and well.

I also hope these challenging times will lead us into an age of tighter connection, collaboration and a heightened awareness of true value.

Speaking of collaboration- I have been seeking it for a while intuitively knowing that it is an important key unlocking potential and growth.

However the people to personally co-create with just didn't show up in my life - until now.

I am looking for great minds who operate from a level of excitement and vision to collaborate with to expand our plattform, our thoughts, our self awareness.

That is why I am deeply grateful and honestly giddy like a little kid for my first collaboration with Ben Yamin!

He is a wonderful writer and such a lovely person. We had this conversation about all matter being densified energy relating to information and I shared with him that my painting "The Spawn" was visually wondering out loud about the potential building blocks for consciousness to inject into.

So he wrote a piece to escort "The Spawn" , check it out on the next post!

And if you also feel inspired to collaborate on a brainchild of yours- please get in touch!

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