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"The Pearl on the String" - My new novel is now available!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

"The Pearl on the String", paperback format illustrated with 48 beautiful black and white images,

is scanning the ages of human spiritual history in a tapestry woven through the ages, revealing the interplay of karma and destiny that shapes the journey of every soul.

Follow the voice of Sekhmet, the cosmic holder of Balance banished for her belief in the potential of human consciousness. Her descent into the shadow experience alongside the human race marks the beginning of the transformative embrace of self-empowerment, calling in the dawning of a new era, where humanity seeks its own light and forges its path through the cosmos, awakening to its boundless potential within.

Within the recurring patterns of history, a revelation awaits- The cyclical flow of energy, mirrored in all aspects of existence - life, fusion, health, economy, and time - invites to the realization: abundance flows from within and shapes the world around us.

To purchase your Copy, simply follow this LINK to Amazon.

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