jenny richter

I create fine 2D and 3D art using my training in Oil Painting, Sculpting, Hypnosis and psychic travel to pull in images leaving messages.


My Art arrives from a hopscotch through timelines and reality planes.

I believes that the underlying aesthetics of art carry a purpose.


As we humans are fractals of the universe who –like a prism- reflect the universe back at itself, meaningful Art is a carrier of reflection from ourselves to ourselves.


I also believe that Art succeeds its purpose when recognized emotionally.

When there is more information than we can process cognitively- that information is being compacted into frequencies, which we receive through emotion- similar to a barcode.


So Art speaks a language beyond our verbal cognitive expression.

Messages, stories, memories… all compacted into images or sound waves and then decompressed when one connects with an art piece through emotion - that is what connects us to a realm beyond our immediate physical arena.


In these times of accelerated progression across cultures we need to remember our elemental nature.

Perhaps I chose to create paintings to transmit information because paintings can be oddly precise and vague at the same time. 

 I often don’t immediately grasp all the layers of the artworks that urge me to be created - instead the context I find in a piece continues to grow, as if it had its own soul; and I highly valuable the insight and understanding of others.

Throughout this portion of my life I practice many occupations- artist, mother,  hypnotherapist and Akashic record reader ( I also have worked in restoration construction for over 15 years).

I am - like You are - a link in the narrative we create and observe.

I am here to transcribe and upload.

Therefor my most intimate state of being is solitude. To feel secluded is my most cherished and painful frequency.


Born in East Berlin Germany I moved after some wild years on the creative and anarchic post wall Berlin- Playground to Northern Italy to study wood sculpture, then trained the skill of figurative oil painting with Odd Nerdrum for a short while in Iceland and Norway.

Now I reside in Philadelphia USA where I move forward to observe, create and remember.

Just message me if you have further questions.