Perhaps I chose to create paintings to transmit information because paintings can be oddly precise and vague at the same time. 

While a painting can pinpoint to a specific set of emotions or scenes it equally allows to be nonlinear; to be personal and generic simultaneously.


Throughout this portion of my life I chose and practice many occupations- artist, mother, craftsperson for construction and restoration, hypnotherapist and Akashic record reader.

I know that I am here to observe and create.

I am here to transcribe and upload.

Therefor my most familiar state of being is solitude. To feel secluded is my most cherished and painful frequency.


I never experience a lack of ideas, only a lack of time. While I often don’t immediately understand everything about my 2D or 3D artwork- I can sort pretty swiftly through thoughts and ideas worth pursuing or not.

From that perception I understand that ideas are not generated by me but through me.





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