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 •A Journal of Cosmic Memories•
╰──╮The Dimension of Trees 

The Collectors edition is now available!
24 of my full page Artworks string along Ben Benyamins new novel.
This profound book is a treasure to own. 
We are taken on a journey of retracing our cosmic memory while recalling our innate connection to the dimension of trees. 
Available through Yamin Publishing House or directly on Amazon.


•A Journal of Cosmic Memories•
╰──╮The Dimension of Trees ╭──╯ 
a mind bending and illuminating novel by
Ben Benyamin illustrated by 24 of my artworks.

◌ Enter a maze of memory, a gentle yet innate reactivation of our cosmic memory where the puzzle pieces of story line add together to a bigger picture of Self discovery or discovery of Self.◌
Explore all print at
Yamin Publishing House

or order directly here on AMAZON

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