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The Conduits • oil on linen 20"x16"

Now that the big unraveling begins,

the unconditioning, the unlearning, the undoing of the old paradigm that is built on the status quo, built on the power of a few over the many, built on scarcity and clinging attachments- we can settle into the Chaos; as it is temporary.

This is not the first reset we as a civilization have put into motion.

Not by far; by natural law we must repetitively  build and tear down, build and then destroy what no longer aligns to lead towards our expansion.

And when the dust settles, a new paradigm emerges in which it is safe for the Lotus of Consciousness to open and reveal what it had to keep secret.

Sometimes all has to burn down for the needed new growth.

The outer waves and flames we witness are a mere mirror of the true unravel- the internal stages of our deconstruction.

The dismantle of our old patterns is the very first step towards our true authenticity, clarity and healing.

The inferno we anticipate is already in full swing: Physical and monetary gains are just a play currency, our true balance lays within our karmic excess or debt.

This is the time of Karmic Balancing.

Our story lines are reconciled to enter a karmic disentanglement, a big unraveling, to reset.

All is in motion.

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