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Sand Sculpture Exhibition for Garden center "Holland" in Germany

This is a photo of one of the many sand sculpture my team and I created over the course of 4 weeks.

The Gardencenter “Holland” had hired me to supervise their sand exhibition as an annual event set up in a large circus tent.

Ice Carving competition Harbin/ China

The Festival of lights in Harbin has derived from an old tradition of bearing the long cold winter months in North China and turned into the World’s largest Snow and Ice Festival. Our ice entry interpreted the Chinese sign for family into a sculpture.

Snow Sculpture competition Harbin/ China

One thing that comes to mind about Harbin in the far North of China: Cold. We are talking -40°C cold. Beards turned into icycles, our accent stars froze to ice within seconds. That made the snow – the blocks were extended to 13 feet – excellent to carve. The snow was white as marble, powdery but solid, just perfect.

Snow Sculpture competition Sapporo/ Japan

To enter the Sapporo Snow Carving Festival in Japan was a wonderful chance to experience the Japanese country and culture. The festival itself was for us personally a bit of a disaster for two reasons- the unusual warm weather let our figures melt instantly and contribute to our viking ship winding up as a row boat after the enormous spiral we had carved crashed off onto the ground and after we managed to shoot some decent pictures of our piece and of the festival – our camera got stolen. Outch. I am hoping to repeat this piece of a women being lifted out of water in a viking ship by her ancestors, someday.

Sand Carving for FIFA Soccer Worldcup 2006 Berlin/ Germany

Sandevents hired me to supervise the preparation and  sand carving for their sandevent at the Soccer Worldcup Fan Mile in the heart of Berlin in 2006. It was so much fun to create soccer based sculptures during this once in a lifetime event.

Snow Sculpture Competition Breckenridge/ USA

Our experience at the Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge Colorado was amazing. We carvers were completely spoiled with the lodging and food offered to us and the town of Breckenridge is beautiful and welcoming. Our team spend the last night carving from icy nightfall to just a little less icy sunrise to finish our challenging entry. It was hard but- we scored 2nd place!

Sand Sculpture Festival "Sandsation" Berlin/ Germany

The 2nd year I worked at Sandsation the festival had scored a big sponsor- Nissan. I worked on the display sand cars and a bit on the tip of the main sculpture. But I soon returned to my bigger challenge- the front renovation of Schreiner 10.

Sand Sculpture Festival "Sandsation" Berlin/ Germany

Sandsation tought me everything about creating sand sculptures- from compacting the sand up to insane heights to carving sand to minute detail. Compared with snow and ice, sand definitely offers the most possibilities to create.

RIP Martin Tulinius.

Snow Sculpture Competition San Vigilio/ Italy

San Vigilio has a very long history of Snow Sculpture Competition. Year after Year artists arrive from all over the world to create pieces that blow your mind.

Snow Sculpture Competition San Martino Di Catrozza/ Italy

This Snow Sculpture Festival in beautiful San Martino di Castrozza was my first one and it immediately got me hooked to the fun and challenge of carving from 10 feet snow blocks and spending intense long days of work and craziness with artists from the snow carving community from all over the world. I love these people and I love carving snow.
The left picture shows the piece my fellow team mates Sigrid and Barbara and I carved in about 3 days.
The right picture shows me with Mr. Franco Daga, who is known by pretty much everyone in the sand and snow community.

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