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"The Pearl on the String" - A new novel of an ancient journey

Join me on the release of my new novel,

"The Pearl on the String" !

Available in English on 11/11/2023.

In a tapestry woven through the ages, “Pearl on the Strings” takes readers on a profound journey that runs parallel to the spiritual history of humanity. The tale unfolds across millennia, revealing the interplay of karma and destiny that shapes the journey of souls.

This Odyssey sets into motion amidst the ancient sands of Egypt, where the tragic descent of Sekhmet sets the stage for the karmic unfolding, then ventures onward to the fall of Persia, a time of alchemical advancement, where the delicate balance of life and transformation are determined within the tragedy of the cycle of incarnated destiny.

Moving further, we are drawn to the early settlement of North America, where the wisdom of native cultures, attuned to the natural cycles of life, meets its fateful confrontation.

The narrative then hurtles into the darkness of the Second World War, where humanity’s disregard for life reaches its climax.

The consequences ripple through the ages, illuminating the shadows that linger in the present.

The echoes of human struggle resonate through the records of time, weaving forward the evolution of humanity's consciousness, from a guided cosmic race to a transformative embrace of self-empowerment, letting go of savior thinking and hierarchical mindsets heralds the dawning of a new era, where humanity seeks its own light and forges its path through the cosmos, awakening to its boundless potential within.

Amidst the recurring patterns of history, a revelation awaits-The cyclical flow of energy, mirrored in all aspects of existence - life, fusion, health, economy, and time - invites the reader to a profound realization: abundance flows from within and shapes the world around us.

“Pearl on the Strings” weaves a cosmic narrative inviting readers to rediscover themselves, connecting their own journey to the eternal dance of karma and destiny.

As the story unfolds, it reveals the limitless potential within each soul, igniting the fires of intentional healing and awakening a world ready to embrace its divine purpose.

Be one of the first readers by claiming your e-copy in exchange for a review:

Your review will help me and my algorithm!

I hope you'll enjoy the journey, I am here for feedback.

Sincerely, Jenny

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