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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Part of the big Forgetting has been our synergy with the trees.

Remember our perfect union as what we exhale the trees inhale, and their exhale is our life source.

Remember we are perfectly corresponding opposits, motion and stillness, yin and yan, interrelated in a circle that brings forth life in its multitude.

For we are fractals within infinite variety creating infinite experiences creating infinite perspectives to merge with the All Consciousness to experience itself.

We are all neurons.

As we contribute our micro experience to the macro experience of self awareness and growth- the entire spectrum of our thoughts and emotions is valuable.

Joy and despair are equal.

We tend to force our focus of expression onto the light and surpress the shadows, but full integration of all aspects of the spectrum of experience is what Consciousness seeks, remember that.

Remember that trees are perfect transmitters to upload all emotion.

As trees are neutral.

Remember that life is geometry.

Remember the triangle: positive negative neutral.

The holy trinity.

So what you carry that you don't know how to unload- hand it to the trees. They can upload all positive and negative emotion as equal information- energizing the universal consciousness (with energetic compost😉).

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