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Unfolding the many layers of "The Spawn" by Ben Yamin:

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Where infinite realms exist all things ultimately are possible and also have already occurred. 

DNA encodes instructions in each cell of our physical bodies in the form of a double helix.  The double helix operates on the principle of opposites. 

To arrive at the conclusion, transcribe the opposite of the conclusion, and with the coded opposites, translate and create the end product. These are the base pairs.  RNA creates the opposite pairs for duplication and documentation of the information. 

For only the matching opposite will bind with each respective base of the pairs. 

This is the way of the entire universe. 

A negative exists for every positive, and every action has its reaction.  When we have the opposite of what we want or need, we are in possession of everything needed to obtain the object. This is why consciousness comes into existence. 

It is the opposite of void and nothingness and lack of awareness. 

This is how the wheel and all spiral vibrations are formed. 

When there is one thing, there is also its opposite, and energy vibrating between the two, the secret of the first ripple of the wave.

The weavers spin elements into DNA codes that will eventually coalesce on a physical plane. 

Although spiritual in nature, consciousness is creating and participating in the physical plane by desire and intention, which has arisen from energies existing in the universe and created by the sacred source of life. 

These conscious beings explore the infinite realities of the creator on planes and dimensions in line with their experiences, knowledge, deeds of kindness, and wisdom gained, forever.

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