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The Serpent

moving from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius

When I was much younger and stayed on the Mentors property, I found a snake smashed to death next to a bloody rock.

I asked the wife if she killed the snake and she asked me with her naturally fierce look in her eyes "do You have children?".

Many years later now, as a mother, I still turn back thinking of that snake that was killed for being a perceived threat and out of a mother's love for her own.

Bringing this memory into the Painting

"The Serpent",

I remember, that

Fear is based on Love.

Fear is a driving force for life - to live itself.

Fear is indeed a gate holder and an access point.

The movement through Fear is the final part of Initiation.

Fear marks the entry gate, opening to the passage of upgrading into wisdom or disintegrating to shatter.

As we move through this turmoil of change and upgrade- we inevitably must consciously move through Fear to integrate it as a driver of life force, but not be driven by Fear into an emotional overload that leads to an unbalanced assessment of our external world..

We are alive at this point of cosmological shift of a 2000 year cycle.

Now is the time of moving from the Age of Pisces, an age of exploring hierarchy and external belief systems which we would connect to and be guided by into

the Age of Aquarius, where we create our wholeness from within, based on a conscious balance of masculine and feminine energies;

creating worldly systems of horizontal power structures based on equality.

The snake,

a symbol for the gate of power and wisdom, for our ongoing cycles of renewal and transformation,

has been vilified throughout our recent history, deeply rooted in our cultural stories and inherited perception.

The snake, a symbol of aligned duality, the energetic Coil that can only activate through balance, reminds us of a wholeness within each of us.

A wholeness gained by a raw Observation and Awareness of what moves us and how do we move- driven by external forces or internal power, driven by the desire to achieve or to comprehend, to conquer or to integrate, to decide or to sense, to apply logic or intuition, weaving Yin and Yan, divine feminine and divine masculine.

To realign the Coil within us is to activate the snake, the old Knowledge and the new Consciousness.

A perfectly balanced duality within One, an accelerated motion, an upgraded vibration.

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