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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Your Body holds Your truth.

Your Body is the densified center of Your energy field.

Therefor Your Body is the vantage point of Your Subconscious.

Remember that your struggles are the lessons you chose to master.

Remember that you are much more advanced than you led yourself to believe to deepen your experience.

Remember that the choice to forget will validate the experience of remembering.

Remember that your intuition is old wisdom.

Remember that this chapter is not your whole story, it's not a test.

Failing is a mental construct.

What you may call pitfall actually supplies your tools.

Remember that we all chose this time together to open up the Memory.

Remember that remembering is not about adding stories, but seeing your stories as stories.

Remember that the decisions you make on a thinking level are not the decisions you make on a soul level.

Sometimes they are even direct opposites.

Remember that this is the age of releasing fears. In order to face your fears- they will be in your face.

Remember that you are an essence.

That's what is true about you.

The rest are ideas in motion.

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