Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Your Body holds Your truth.

Your Body is the densified center of Your energy field.

Therefor Your Body is the vantage point of Your Subconscious.

If you wish to connect to the endless database of the collective consciousness just use yourself as the vantage point.

As everything is connected to everything-

the energy of your body directly corresponds to all of all energy.

You can learn the tools of accurate muscle testing, also called kinesiology, or choose different modalities to become attuned with your subconscious without the interference of your mind.

Your mind is a brilliant organizing function, a rapid- speed data processor, but-

don't let "the help" be your master.

Also: accept and acknowledge that Your truth does not dictate or is dictated by the next persons truth.

While our collective truth reveals itself easily through responsible questioning- each one of us IS its own vantage point of perspective within the kaleidoscope of the multi-fragmented perspective we all contribute to from our own coordinates within the conscious field.

When you compromise your truth by following what does not align with you for the comfort of agreeing and belonging you compromise your coordinates.

Allow that space for everyone you are in disagreement with,

as the absolute truth lays in that space between our perspectives.