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Burning Woman - a shift into deep healing

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

(Oil in linen)

An Ode to Our Sisterhood.

The Feminine is rising and merging with the Masculine, awake to its beauty and integrity.

This informed Balance calls in our Healing, by reorganizing our Memory, our storylines, the narratives we had settled into.

The echo of abandonment and disempowerment combined with the grief over our grace we struggled to see, is burning strong within our wounds.

This echo had been at the base melody of our frequencies. Until now.

The future is feminine I heard being said, out of my own mouth as well as by others.

The future is the result of the present focus, really. As time is a chain of focal points, an organized string of attention that builds into our narrative of organized memory.

Begin by allowing yourself a little more Chaos in that order of memory to broaden your perception, to loosen the information chains that define your mental structure.

My own desire to Remember had turned into a janitors key that unlocked a variety of doors within the hallway of my Memory.

One of the closer past life memories was the fire death at the stake. While the memory of the dissipation of my body in the fire still remains incomprehensible, our journey of healing is a maze outlined purely within us.

True healing is initiated when you begin to see the wisdom and strength you received from the experiences you walked through.

True healing happens when you appreciate this transformation within yourself so much that you wouldn't want to give away the experience you used to call deep pain.

At that point, the sense of victimhood is recognized as a hindrance, a blockage.

You cannot get truly burned inside from the outside.

Heaven and he'll are inner states and both are self initiated.

For some of us, many of us, we knew and learned that the fire is the most powerful transformation tool, all the entities who went through the fire passed through a transformation portal, rapid like no other.

An experience. A micro experience alongside an ever expanding accumulation of experiences. Leading where?

Leading back to itself, which is expansion, which is love.

There really is no good and bad.

There only is the contrast created to become aware of our own expansion, a creation of love.

...spoiler alert: Expansion eventually leads to a collapse within itself, and that's another story... ♾📜

With love, your witch 3.0 😌

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