A December to Remember

When still in Philadelpia, realizing that it was time for my life in the US to be broken open, my focus was directly guided to Szczecin, no doubt, no fuss.

I've never been there or even heard of this City in the North of Poland, placed by the water with a history of countless rulership and power transfer throughout history.

Knowing nothing but the need to move, I started to face and transfer one fear after the other. Fear of flying, Fear of lining up travel at the Worst political timing, Fear of undefinable loss, Fear of stepping into the Unknown all alone, Fear of turning everything that was easy into difficult, Fear of dragging my children into a mistake, the list goes on.

I felt each fear hurt and kept moving towards it.

Ultimately each move turned out unexpectedly easy by itself and, dare I say, full on fun.

To arrive in Berlin felt like being thrown into a dense, grey fog.

I would have never believed an C.egregated and overregulated daily life would become reality in my beloved home city.

5 hours after we landed, Germany imposed a targeted lockdown, I felt like I walked into a cage but just kept moving. 5 days later I made my way to Poland.

With the opportunity to be looking at things from the other side again and other side again, I realize that I can only allow myself to feel in the vicinity of truth when holding multiple perspectives.

1 week, 3 countries, 3 different truth broadcasts.

The city of Szczecin, if it was a person, would be an old spirit, that has seen and been trough so much to have attained a light hearted wisdom, a stoic ease.

Somehow I knew I'll appreciate this place.

Not knowing anyone or understanding a single word I spent 5 wonderful days never feeling misplaced, but soothed by the language, comfortable in every part of the city, meeting warm and open hearted people.

On my last day I went to the cementary.

Walking up to the entry gates, I was flushed with memories of myself running through them as a very young child, I knew this place so well, within my cells, as if I had been there just recently.

I had not expected that.

I knew to move to find some particular places, one particular grave to bring the message that All Is Well. As I left, I felt like a different person, a major chord had been cut. The people in my life who are involved with this story now know, it's too long and personal of a story to tell here, but it feels like a last puzzle piece clicked into place to reveal the entire picture.

This journey is personal, but the story is not.

We are all standing at the most decisive cusp in time,

cutting the cords of the story we have been born into to start writing the story we are born for.

Cut cut and cut what no more aligns.

Yes it hurts but it gets easier.

Walk towards and through your fears.

It hurts but does get easier.

This is the cusp of time where we collectively lay out a new blueprint, the first time in our known history where this solely happens based on the individual choices we make, not based upon the roles we were birthed into or the external narrative we were weaved into.

This is the beginning, the changeover to learn what it means to navigate as a fully sovereign Being.

We are at the brink, creating that desire, as Everything initiates through a desire.

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